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Military Vehicle - Lighting in UE5

The idea was to learn how to make volumetric scattering lights in a dark scene. I had to look for a proper light angles to enhanced vehicle materials. As always, looking for interesting camera angles for a more cinematic approaching. For headlights, I made a spotlight with an IES Texture to project onto the floor. In order to create volumetric scattering lights, there's an ExponentialHeightFog.

Since my PC isn't capable of raytracing, I had to tweak shadows with properties like Contact Shadow Lengths. Everything is dynamic lighting with GI rendered in Lumen. These are HQ Screenshots in real-time environment.

- Vehicle: Drivable M1126 Stryker ICV (West) -- Vigilante - Blueprints
- Floor Texture: Quixel Megascans
- HDRI: PolyHaven